Aug 28, 2021 3 min read

100 stage parkour: our 10 favorite stages in Minecraft

Nyan cat parkour on Minecraft servers
Nyan cat parkour on Minecraft servers

Created by X_ARCTIC_WOLF_X over 2 months, this parkour map takes you on a journey through 100 stages. Each stage is seperated by a different theme, ranging from nyan cat, to a room filled with lava!

Created by X_ARCTIC_WOLF_X over 2 months, this parkour map takes you on a journey through 100 stages. Each stage is separated by a different theme, ranging from nyan cat, to a room filled with lava! Here's 10 of our favorite stages broken down, brought to you by the home of minecraft parkour servers.

Plains Jumps

Plains Biome Minecraft Parkour Jumps

The first stage starts out as a simple jumping course through a plains biome. Walk through the grass platforms and use crouch when landing on each of the ladders. This is a great warmup to get you settled into the jumps that are to come!

Sports Course

Sports Minecraft Parkour Course

Ever seen such a standout course in Minecraft before? Me neither. Jump from ball to ball, speedrunning your way through the section. Be sure to avoid the cobwebs from the goal net.

How to be good at Minecraft parkour?

Take on a variety of different jumps! Practice learning how to speedrun between small distances and then slowly work your way up to 3 and 4 block jumps. Learn how to crouch effectively when jumping between blocks, and most importantly, when to time your jump. Read more on our guide to minecraft servers with parkour.

Minecraft Parkour Forest

Forest Parkour Jumps in Minecraft

Part of this map takes you through a birch forest. Did you know that you can sprint up staircases in order to go faster? When paired with speedrunning, it makes this part of the course extremely fun to get through quickly.

Mobs in Minecraft Parkour

Mobs in Minecraft Parkour

As if they've come to life, this section of the course is full of the most hostile Minecraft mobs! Full of fun parallel jumps, sideways jumps and more, try and see how quickly you can make it to the zombie at the end.

Nether Section

The nether stage of the course contains a variety of lava, soul sand jumps, netherrack rooms and even a large array of platform jumps. The soul sand jumps are the trickiest, as soul sand slows down your Minecraft character. When jumping from soul sand, time your jump to the last second to ensure you can make it as far as possible. When you land on another soul sand block, your jump will be broken so you won't need to worry about crouching!

Tech Room on Parkour Servers

Minecraft Parkour Tech Room

A glimpse into the future, the tech room is full of gears and shockwaves you need to make it through in order to proceed to the next section. It is not as simple as it first seems, with barriers directing you through all the different parts of this section.

Christmas Parkour

Perfectly suited for the winter months of the year, the Christmas parkour section takes you on a journey containing christmas trees, jingle bells and presents. Parkour your way through across the decorations in order to make it out.

Ice Land

Not to be confused with the country of the same name, even though it does have its own flag! The speedy ice helps you make it through this section at a fast pace, but be sure to crouch to stop yourself from overjumping between the platforms.

Enchanting Stage

Enchanting Room on Minecraft Servers with Parkour

Not your usual use of the enchanting table, jumping between enchanting tables is a little harder than normal blocks. This is because they are referred to as tile entities,  or items which don't take up a whole block. If you jump from an enchanting table onto a normal height block, you may not be able to jump as far as usual!

Potion Parkour on Minecraft Servers

Potion Parkour on Minecraft

Recognise the platforms? They're similar to the particles that potions give off when you are using them. However, you can't splash the big potions on the wall! This is a simple section to get through; just be careful you don't fall through the platforms.

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