Jan 11, 2022 3 min read

5 Play Ideas On Parkour Servers For Minecraft

Play Map on Parkour Minecraft Servers
Play Map on Parkour Minecraft Servers

Check out the unique content, work on your skill levels, PvP, and more. Here's 5 ideas to try out when you're next playing on parkour servers.

Enjoying playing minecraft parkour servers? We do too. Here's 5 ideas to try out when you're working your way through the parkour courses. Join an awesome community and add the servers to your minecraft server list today.


One of the popular mini games on some minecraft parkour servers is the parkour arena. This puts you up against other players in a free-for-all arena. Battle with lots of other players simultaneously and try not to fall out of the sky!

If you've played KitPvP before; this can be very similar. It usually includes an arena with a parkour course scattered across the sky. Chase other players across a range of jumps with no specific set difficulty.

Parkour PvP

Spot The Different Unique Themes

From the parkour maps that resemble the popular among us game, to the ones that look a little like paceman... can you spot all the different themes in play? All the popular servers love to feature maps inspired by pop culture; be on the lookout next time you're playing on the best parkour servers.

Parkour Skills

Test Your Parkour Skills

When going up against a range of other awesome players, there's lots of times where you'll need to show off your parkour skills. Read the guide on parkour minecraft servers to learn about all the different jumps, such as the slime blocks, ladders and more. You can also learn how to start playing the minecraft server.

The parkour server maps range from easy to hard and come with multiplayer addons such as leaderboards. Your progress is tracked and checkpoints are available to complete all the obstacles.

New to minecraft parkour? Start with the extra easy maps and work your way onto the second difficulty. Unlock new maps as you rank up.

Taking a break from the java server? Need a relaxing warm light? Buy salt lamps to add a zen glow to your room. Game your way with a warm light that isn't too bright or distracting. Available in a range of sizes; perfect for your desk or bedroom.

Check Out The Unique Content

There's a whole range of unique themes and content available on various different parkour servers. For example, Good Parkour offers all the new features within a handy menu stored in your minecraft hotbar. Here, you can access all the fun parts of the game mode.

Other servers may have more commands, but can also contain a range of fun new features. Overall, any good parkour server will have an amazing community to help you explore all there is to offer. Jumping around the lobby? Some servers offer an infinity parkour available here. Parkour blocks are generated as you play. The leaderboard is measured in how many blocks you can make it across.

Different Unique Themes

Work On Your Skill Levels

All the best minecraft servers offer some kind of leaderboard and levels to work on. Many offer in-game ranks which are unlocked as you play the game. They can give you new perks such as crate keys or access to new maps.

Some servers offer land plots as part of their offering. Here, there may be skill levels you can improve such as mcMMO. These turn the game into kind of like an MMO, where different skills such as acrobatics and mining can be improved to unlock new perks.

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