Aug 16, 2021 3 min read

The finest of the 124 new blocks in Minecraft 1.17

The best of the 124 new blocks in Minecraft 1.17
The best of the 124 new blocks in Minecraft 1.17

From a mythical castle to an overgrown cave; see all the builds you can create in Minecraft using the blocks from the latest 1.17 game update.

Released in Summer 2021, the Caves & Cliffs update breathes new life into one of the older parts of the game. Take a break from our Minecraft parkour server and read about some of the best new blocks!

Minecraft Amethyst Blocks


The most sparkling of the new blocks; Amethyst adds more the purple color pallete which was previously lacking in the game. From a mythical castle to futuristic looking bases; there's plenty of uses for these new blocks! Here's 5 new builds you could create with this family of blocks:

  • Mythical Castle
  • Purple Coloured Mushrooms
  • Alien Space Base
  • Chandeliers
  • Futuristic Leir
Minecraft Pink Candle


A much needed addition to the way in which we light our bases in the game, candles are available in all your favorite Minecraft colors. Light up your log cabins with the brown candle or make out a path with one of the red candles. These items are obtainable with a string & honeycomb; so best get searching for a beehive!


A range of blocks for the more serious builds; Deepslate adds dark mode to your builds. There's a range of different options from stairs, to tiles, and even brick walls. When taking a break from the parkour servers, why not try one of the following 8 builds?

  • Gothic Themed House
  • Medieval Castle
  • Nether Base
  • Dark Library
  • Underground Factory
  • Nuclear Reactor
  • Cyberpunk City
  • Volcano

Block of Raw Gold

For the more luxurious builds, the new raw gold block adds a sparkle to your builds. Add new textures to your own beehive; or even build your own wasp! This bright block is perfect for all kinds of uses, even a floor pattern.

Oxidized Copper

Similar in colour to the prismarine blocks from the Minecraft aquatic update, use oxidized copper to add depth to your sea themed builds. Here's 5 for your next build project:

  • Aquarium
  • Submarine
  • Sea Dragon
  • Underwater Oasis
  • Ocean Monument

Tinted Glass

5% tint anyone? For your more VIP Minecraft projects, here's 6 builds which could take advantage of the new Tinted Glass:

  • Cars
  • Houses in a Multiplayer Village
  • City Builds
  • Spectator Arenas
  • Planes
  • Yachts

Moss Block

Looking for a good grass texture; but with more of an astroturf look? The new moss block is a fitting option! Add a natural look to your builds; here's 10 for your next one:

  • Overgrown Cave
  • Pond
  • Tennis Court
  • Ruins
  • Temple
  • Gardenhouse
  • Abandoned City
  • Chinese Dragon
  • Treehouse
  • Tropical Island

Glow Berries

Kind of like vines; but with a light glow and great for lots of new bases. Add a new section to your farm, light up your garden, or even add a more mysterious look to your caves.

Deepslate Diamond Ore

Deepslate Ores

There's a range of new ores in the 1.17 updates:

  • Deepslate Coal Ore
  • Deepslate Iron Ore
  • Deepslate Copper Ore
  • Deepslate Redstone Ore
  • Deepslate Lapis Lazuli Ore
  • Deepslate Diamond Ore
  • Deepslate Emerald Ore

These blocks are great adding texture to your walls, taking your caves to the next level, or even adding some colour to your underground dungeon!

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