Feb 22, 2023 2 min read

Box PvP: Minecraft Gameplay Tips

Elytra Flying Box Minecraft
Elytra Flying Box Minecraft

There are lots of of ways to progress through the fast-paced gamemode which is based inside a box. See our gameplay tips and get started now.

#1) Mining

Mining on Minecraft box servers is a great way to gather resources for when you head into battle. On many servers, there are PvP-free zones where you can go mining without getting into combat at the start of the game.

When you become more advanced, there are mining zones available inside the box as well. Players fight and battle with each other and the victorious takes the ores for themselves! Further into the box, better ores can be mined and either sold or used to make tools and armor.

#2) Elytra Rockets

When you are playing on an Elytra box server, be sure to use Minecraft rockets to speed across the box quickly. They can be unlocked from a variety of methods and consumed to increase speed whilst gliding.

Wood Mining On Box PvP
Wood Mining On Box PvP

#3) Crates

Crates come in many forms across different servers. Crates can be unlocked with keys to give a random prize from a loot pool. Unlock crates from levelling up ranks, the store, reaching prestiges, purchasing them with in-game money and more.

Types of items you can find in Minecraft crates:

  • Tools
  • Armor
  • Blocks
  • Items
  • Materials
  • Personal Boosters
  • Global Boosters
  • Level Vouchers

#4) Teams

Whether you prefer to PvP as a solo player or in a team, you can play box servers either way. Larger teams make ot easier to take strategic areas such as the mines, king of the hill and more. Alternatively, head into the box with friends and go up against other teams. Share your gear as you work your way up through the leaderboards.

Firework Flying Elytra Minecraft
Firework Flying Elytra Minecraft

#5 Quests

Quests give you fun tasks to complete as you explore all there is to offer inside the box. Earn rewards and work your way through the game. No matter which server you choose to play, there are often dozens of quests to choose from!

Last Updated: February 23, 2023

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