Good Parkour Minecraft Server Opens Jan 1, 2022

Kicking 2022 off with a bang, the Good Parkour minecraft server with parkour opens on January 1 - New Year's Day!

It features dozens of maps for you to start playing with no downloads required. Compete against other players and see where you place in the leaderboard. The whole server is designed to be as simple as possible.

Unlike other parkour servers; there are very little commands. Everything is managed with the feather stored in your hotbar. With the modern design of the Minecraft server, there is no running around looking for halls and different characters for maps. Just one simple menu where you can do just about anything! Play the maps, see the leaderboards, head into the Parkour Arena and see all the available features.

GoodParkour Arena 2022

Parkour Arena

Now, talking about the Parkour Arena; that is one of the highlight features of Good Parkour. We are not sure if this has been done in Minecraft before, so get ready for fun arena fights mixed with Parkour. Choose from an array of classes and head into the arena. Parkour your way across the map scanning for enemies; or run from them! Set up base in towers and battle with all the other players.

What is the Good Parkour server ip?

  • Server Name: Good Parkour
  • Server Address:

Good Parkour is also one of the only Minecraft servers running on versions 1.17/1.18; so look out for maps with the new blocks. This also sets it further apart from other parkour servers; being one of the only servers running on a version newer than 2014!

GoodParkour Parkour Maps 2022

Parkour Maps

The maps range from easy to hard and are all of different lengths. There's a parkour ranking system which levels you up automatically as you complete maps. You also get a crate key which you can redeem for character upgrades after you complete a map. Unlock new maps as you rank up and make your way up the leaderboards, which are displayed in the handy menu for ease of use. The server will also add new maps regularly, so join the Discord and be on the lookout for updates.

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