Mar 3, 2022 2 min read

How Many Blocks Are In Minecraft?

New Blocks in Minecraft 1.18
New Blocks in Minecraft 1.18

Wondering how many blocks are in Minecraft? We look at the multiplayer server API to see how many materials there are. You might be surprised...

In this guide, we'll look at how many blocks there are in Minecraft in 2023. With regular new updates to the game, there's always new blocks and items being added. We look at API data to see just how many blocks there really are!

New Blocks in Minecraft Nether Update

The nether update added a variety of new 1.16 blocks and items to the game. It added to ability explore new biomes in the Nether and get valuable new loot for your base. Recap all the items including the strider, soul speed enchantment and more in our linked article.

amethyst purpur in minecraft

Creative Mode Only Blocks in Minecraft

There has always been some blocks in the game which are only obtainable in creative mode. Some of the notable blocks include:

  • Barrier (Invisible)
  • Writable Book (Green variant of the book)
  • Bedrock (Unbreakable)
  • Command Block (Run commands)
  • Jigsaw Block (Copy structures)
minecraft water ruins

How Many Blocks Are In Minecraft in 2023?

According to Spigot, the API provider for Minecraft servers, there are over 2,500 materials as of January 2023. This includes all the items, block states, materials and creative mode items that may not obtainable in the singleplayer version of the game. However, there are still over 350 blocks which can be used in your Minecraft adventure.

Recent Updates

In the Minecraft 1.17 update, there were 124 new blocks. We covered some of the top new items and blocks including Amethyst, a new type of material like diamond.  The new caves & cliffs update also brought cave style blocks including moss blocks, deepslate and more. Have you seen them all? Check out our recap guide to take a look.

ice structure in minecraft

The Minecraft 1.18 update which launched in November 2021 was a further expansion on the caves & cliffs update. The 1.19 update, named "The Wild Update" added the new Deep Dark biome and related blocks and items. These included the new Warden mob, frog-related blocks, sculk blocks and more. They are great for dark themed blocks.

What Blocks Will Be Added Next?

The next update to be added to Minecraft in 2023 is the 1.20 Update. While the specific details are still to be confirmed, it will likely contain: bamboo blocks, hanging signs, camels, rafts and more. This could mean that are dozens of new blocks available!

Last Updated: Jan 30, 2023

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