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How To Join Parkour Minecraft Servers

Java Servers in Minecraft
Java Servers in Minecraft

See how to add java servers in minecraft, multiplayer tips, parkour courses and the top feature when playing now.

So, you want to start your running & jumping adventure in Minecraft. The best way to get started is to join a multiplayer server. There are no downloads involved and you can practice on hundreds of maps with no setup time. See how to join minecraft parkour servers now.

Adding Java Servers In Minecraft

The most popular form of Minecraft is the Java Edition. There are usually over 500,000+ playing online simultaneously every day. There's dozens of parkour servers to choose from and many offer different minigames as well. Once you have chosen, follow these instructions to play online:

  1. Open Minecraft Java Edition
  2. Open Multiplayer
  3. Add Server
  4. Input the Server Name and Server Address
  5. Done! It is now available in your Minecraft server list
Multiplayer Tips Minecraft

Multiplayer Tips

When playing on multiplayer Minecraft, you can adjust your chat settings in the game options if you wish. From here you can adjust the chat size, set it to commands only if you don't want to chat, or disable it entirely. Sprinting through a map with too many other players? There is usually an option to hide other players so you can jump in peace.

Ranks and perks are standard offerings on most parkour minecraft servers. As they are free to play, these help to support that specific server. The server is hosted by a third-party and these help to fund the costs.

Most communities come with a Discord. This allows you to get news and updates, as well as voice chat with other players. If you're looking to make new friends online, this is a great way to join in and have more fun.

Parkour Courses in Minecraft servers

Parkour Courses

One of the best things about parkour servers is that there's dozens of courses with more than one difficulty, unique skills required, and lots of others playing together. The courses may be restricted by your rank, so start with the easy ones once you hop online. When you complete maps, you will gradually unlock more and more maps to play.

Your statistics and rankings are located within the server and not the Minecraft menus. Within the game, explore the different menus, characters and leaderboards which may be spotted around that server's lobby. You can see your progress and level up here.

Minecraft Maps Parkour

Top Features To Play

  • Messaging - You can private message other online players to chat
  • Leaderboards - Rank up by completing maps
  • Ranks - Unlock new ranks as you take on more courses
  • Lounge - Many servers have a lounge where you can chill and hangout with other players
  • Titles - New tags and titles can be placed on your character
  • Cosmetics - Unlock particles, gadgets, pets, companions and more to stand out in multiplayer
Parkour Multiplayer Maps

Once you have joined and started playing on your chosen minecraft parkour server, you will learn more as different quests and challenges come along. If you get stuck in game, use the multiplayer chat to ask another online player for help. We hope you enjoy playing minecraft parkour servers with thousands of others!

Jumping Sprinting in Minecraft
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