Aug 23, 2021 3 min read

Jump Between Blocks: the parkour map showcase

Jump between blocks minecraft parkour map
Jump between blocks minecraft parkour map

A contrasting parkour journey through all the updates, blocks, biomes and more. In partnership with the author Zombie1111, play the map now on our minecraft servers with parkour.

A contrasting parkour journey through all the updates, blocks, biomes and more. In partnership with the author Zombie1111, play the map now on our minecraft servers with parkour.

Beehive Parkour Jumps

Minecraft Beehive Parkour Jumps

Ever played a parkour map with beehives as obstacles before? One part of the jump between blocks map includes a series of beehives which you can sprint through. Try not to get stung! Jump as late as possible on each block as the jumps can be up to 4 blocks at times.

With over 30 sections to complete, this map is not just about beehives. From the end update to the nether update, there's all kinds of Minecraft included in this map. Go head-to-head on the parkour servers leaderboard and see if you can make it to the top!

Nether Parkour Jumps

Minecraft Nether Parkour Jumps

See all the latest blocks from the 1.16 update including crimson stems, fence and more. Be careful to avoid the lava when making it through this section by staying on the center of the fences and crouching to avoid falling. You can crouch on slabs like normal blocks so take advantage of that as well.

In partnership with the author, play this map now on multiplayer for free:

End Jumps on Parkour Servers

End Jumps on Parkour Servers

The nether isn't the only other world featured in this diverse course! The end update from Minecraft 1.19 includes the popular purpur blocks, with a range of slabs to conquer to make it to the next section. Don't fall into the little end city!

Slime Jumps

Slime Jumps on Parkour

Would it be a minecraft parkour map without slime jumps? Use the ledge to jump onto the slime and use it as momentum to make it onto the bookshelves. Use your skills to make it through the section and onto the next. Did you know that slime blocks were only added in the Minecraft 1.8 update?

Anvil Jumps On Parkour Servers

Slime Jumps on Parkour

A truly unique part of the map, these anvil jumps are ones to watch out for. The carpets turn the anvil into a solid jumping platform which you can sprint across. Be careful when jumping down from the higher platforms, use your crouch to stop you going too far.

Some parts of the map include shortcuts, which can make the harder jumps easier to get past. Look out for cubbyholes or holes in the wall which may help you skip through sections at a much faster pace.

How do you make a 4 block jump in Minecraft?

When jumping between blocks, time your previous jump so that you land right on the edge of the block. When on the edge, you'll jump a little bit farther so that you make it across 4 blocks.

3 Block Jumps

3 Block Jumps On Parkour

There's plenty of challenging jumps on this map. Can you complete sections involving 3 and 4 block jumps, with stairs and water to hold you back? Use all the information from our parkour servers guide to help you navigate these jumps.

The Parkour House

Parkour House in Minecraft

One of the most fun parts of this map is the parkour house! Jump your way through the window and make it out the other side onto the street lamps. Play this map now on!

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