Take the battle to the air with Elytra Box, or work on your melee combat in Potion Box. In this guide, learn all about Minecraft Box Servers PvP.

What Is A Minecraft Box Server?

Everything on Minecraft Box PvP happens inside a box. Gather tools & armor from ore veins on the ground and then battle other players. Battle for control of the skies in Elytra Box, or even fight to control a capture zone in King of The Hill. Fight to become the strongest player in the box!

Types of Box Servers

  • Box PvP: This is the standard variant of Box PvP. Gear up and jump into a huge box. PvP is enabled. Fight for resources and work your way through the game, unlocking new types of items and armor.
  • Elytra Box: Take the fights to the skies in Elytra box. You start in the box with an elytra, which lets you navigate through the box in quick-time. Engage in high-intensity combat as you duck and dive while fighting other players.
  • Potion Box: Fight others use melee combat skills and potions. If you have played Minecraft PvP servers in the past like HCF, this will be more familiar. Get an inventory of potions and engage in very competitive combat, where battles can last upwards of 15-20 minutes. This is much higher than a normal Minecraft PvP, which can be over within 30 seconds.
  • Crystal Box: Blow people into the sky using an End Crystal in this variant of Box PvP.

Features of Box PvP

  • Mining: When you are starting out, mining is one of the best ways to get tools & armor. Head into the box and look for ore veins on the ground to mine. Craft weapons to battle against other players. It is best to avoid mining in PvP areas at the start to prevent dying!
  • PvP: The box is always pvp-enabled. Fight against other players to win their loot. Because it is all inside a box, there is no escape.
  • KoTH: King of the Hill regularly occurs in-game and gives you the chance to capture a control point. Stay inside the capture zone for a certain time (such as 10 minutes) in order to win the KoTH and receive the rewards.
  • Enchanting: Enchanting is a big part of PvP. Purchase all kinds of item enchantments for your tools & armor. This will help you become stronger and survive in the box!
  • Mob Arena: Battle it out against monsters and bosses in Mob Arena. Fight through hoardes of mobs to earn rewards which you can take into the PvP Box.
Box Mining Minecraft
Box Mining Minecraft
Flying Elytra PvP Minecraft
Flying Elytra PvP Minecraft

How To Play

  1. Open Minecraft
  2. Multiplayer
  3. Add Server
    4. Server Name: E.g. BoxPvPv
    5. Server Address: E.g. boxpvpv.minehut.gg
  4. Play
Sky Mining Minecraft
Sky Mining Minecraft

Box Mine

Mining on Box PvP Servers is very different to normal Minecraft worlds. There are tiny boxes of veins popped throughout the box, which you can mine to get ores and equipment.

Minecraft Box Server IP Name

There are lots of different box servers to choose from. Here are some popular ones:

  1. BoxPvPv: boxpvpv.minehut.gg
  2. Lytra: lytra.leonemc.net

Getting Started

  1. Start by mining in a PvP-disabled area to get resources
  2. Gear up with tools & equipment
  3. Enter into the Box Arena and aim to kill newer players first
  4. Try out different features such as Bosses, Mob Arena and more
  5. Earn new items and equipments and work to become the strongest players
Elytra PvP Box
Elytra PvP Box

Last Updated: February 21, 2023

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