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Minecraft Hardcore Servers, Guide, How To Play

Minecraft Servers With Hardcore
Minecraft Servers With Hardcore
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Hardcore mode in Minecraft is becoming more popular. See the gameplay guide, common FAQs, the hardcore minecraft servers and how to play.

Rising in popularity recently, there has been thousands of videos created on this game mode. This page contains the most important tips to have the most fun on hardcore Minecraft.

Hardcore Mode

In Hardcore mode, the difficulty is locked at the hardest. You only get one life. Hostile mobs will spawn and deal more damage than in normal mode and they can give you harmful effects such as poison or wither. It isn't like the other difficulties where you can respawn and get back to your items. If you die in Hardcore, your world is lost.

Minecraft Hardcore Server

Minecraft Hardcore Servers

Minecraft servers also offer the Hardcore mode. When you die on a multiplayer server, you will either receive a death ban or be locked out of the server for the season. It depends on that particular server. Read the instructions when you start.

The servers offer a range of game modes but with the Hardcore variant. All your favorite classic gamemodes with the hard twist applied. Will you make it to the top? Or get beaten before you get established? Play the Minecraft server now.

Hardcore Minecraft World

What Is A Hardcore Minecraft World?

You only get one life. It is the same as survival mode, but if you die, you lose the world. It is locked at the hardest difficulty. You have to be extra careful not to take damage or lose items unnecessarily. It is available on the latest version of Minecraft 1.18 and on both singleplayer and multiplayer.

Bear In Minecraft

Hard Mode Game Tips

  • Keep food on you: Satisfying food such as golden apples may came in handy!
  • Carry water and lava: Water and lava buckets may be useful for all kinds of scenario. If placed quickly, water can break your fall if you happen to experience a big drop. Lava can be used to set your enemies on fire if you need to make a quick escape.
  • Team up on multiplayer: Taking on mobs such as the Ender Dragon may be easier with friends! An extra pair of eyes will also help you to avoid surprises. Can you trust your friend with friendly fire?
  • Play with sounds on: Hear monsters coming before they give you a surprise!
  • Adjust your settings: Did you know that you can adjust the light (gamma) of your Minecraft client without any mods? It is allowed on all Minecraft servers too. Head to the "options" file within your Minecraft file and adjust the "gamma" setting. This will allow you to see better when doing tasks such as mining. See the monsters coming and improve the chances of surviving in hardcore mode.
  • Build with slabs: Monsters cannot spawn on these blocks!
Hearts in Hardcore Minecraft

What Are The Hearts In Hardcore?

They appear differently to normal mode! This is to signify that you are playing in hardcore mode. It is just a visual change. Don't forget that you are playing in Minecraft hardcore, because if you die, you lose everything!

Minecraft Hardcore Servers Spawn

Is Minecraft Hardcore Better Than Survival?

Hardcore has become increasingly popular over the past year or so. As millions of players have completed the game in the normal modes, the appeal of hardcore has increased. It adds an extra sense of survival to the game, which many would argue is much less of a challenge towards the end game. This is especially true with the introduction of stronger armor such as netherite which has made players even stronger.

If you are looking for an extra challenge that could have you at the end of your seat in a moments notice, hardcore is a great game mode to try out. While it shares many of the same elements as the normal game, monsters and caves can be a real challenge. You will need to ensure you have a consistent supply of the higher end food items such as golden apples to ensure your survival. The risk of losing your world is a thrill not achievable in other game modes.

However, the big downside is that you could lose all your progress if you die. It is not for the faint hearted, and if you enjoy Minecraft more for the building aspect, a normal game mode may be suitable for you.

Minecraft Singleplayer Hard Mode

Minecraft Difficulty Levels

As of version 1.18, these are the difficulty levels in minecraft survival:

  • Peaceful - No Monsters
  • Easy - Monsters, Lower Level
  • Normal - Monsters, Normal Level
  • Hard - Monsters, Hard Level

At the higher levels, food depletes fasters so be sure to stay stocked up on food items.

Castle Tower in Minecraft

Minecraft Hardcore 100 Days Series

Creators have popularised the game with series such as 100 Days in Minecraft. It involves surviving in the Hardcore version of Minecraft for 100 Minecraft Days. This is equivalent to around 33 hours in real life time! The game starts out the same as any Minecraft world; by collecting world and finding shelter. Enjoy watching your favorite content creators as they complete tasks such as obtaining diamond armor and heading into the nether. Will they make it to the end of the game; or falter and lose the world?

Minecraft Hardcore Gameplay

How To Play Hardcore Minecraft?

If you would like to play on your own, open Minecraft and head to create the "new world" menu. While you may think you need to choose survival, click that button and a hardcore option will appear! Create world to start playing. It will let you know that it is the same as survival mode, locked at hardest difficulty, and one life only.

There is also the option to play on a multiplayer server. Join hundreds of other players in an online world with no setup required. You still get your own private land which no one else can touch. Take advantage of extra free mechanics including skills you can level up to get new abilities. These will aid you in your hardcore adventure. Chat with other players and get help in the mines if required. Join today.

Medieval Minecraft House 2022

How To Make Minecraft Harder?

  • Restrict your armor: Stick to the lower tiers of armor such as leather and iron. The higher tier armor makes it much harder for you to die.
  • Adventure without food: Go exploring and purposefully choose to take less items. Search for resources such as food and blocks as you go. Will you get caught out, or will you return home with new loot for your base?
  • Battle in PvP: Play on the Minecraft PvP Servers and battle free-for-all against other players. Fight for items and try not to lose your inventory. Will you reign supreme in king of the hill?
  • Don't build a base: Live the nomad life and keep the items you keep to your inventory. Adventure from biome to biome, earning more loot on the minecraft server. You can still build up to the same level of gear and advancements, but it will be much harder to become established and reach the end game.
  • Use lower tools: With new Minecraft versions adding a range of Netherite tools, tools have become much more overpowered. If you're looking to make it hard, why not turn back the clock? Stick to iron tools and see if it effects your adventure. You'll still be able to get all the same items, but it may be a bit of a challenge.

Hard Minecraft Servers

Minecraft servers in hard mode make the game much more challenging. Add one to your server list and see if you are up for the adventure. New mechanics such as harder boss monsters, battle enchantments and more make it much more thrilling. With the possibility of facing a death ban or losing your items, the multiplayer community chat is full of constant fun.

Is Hardcore The Same As Hard In Minecraft?

No! In hard mode, you can respawn if you die and keep your items. In hardcode more you only get one life, so if you die you will lose your items. If you are playing on Minecraft servers, different rules apply such as death bans when on the hardcode mode.

Market in Minecraft Adventure

What To Do In Minecraft Singleplayer?

  • Create a home: This is what Minecraft is all about. Collect all the resources you require such as wood and wool and build a house in the style of your choosing. Add all the basic items such as chests and furnaces to ensure it functions as a base too!
  • Unlock all the achievements: There's lots of achievements to unlock in Minecraft. Press the [L] key (default) to open the menu and get started. You will head on a journey throughout the whole game in singleplayer. Reach all the items and resources available.
  • Go to the end: There's a whole new world out there for you to explore. Reach new areas such as end cities to get items such as purpur blocks. Slay all the enderman and collect ender pearls for your journey through the overworld.
  • Parkour: Minecraft has lots of utilities. Parkour Minecraft servers turn the game into a parkour universe. Sprint through all kinds of different jumps and bounce through areas compromised of newer items such as slime blocks. It is a really fun minigame within java and can be recreated in singleplayer too!
  • Go to the nether: Overhauled recently in Minecraft 1.16, the nether has dozens of new biomes, blocks and monsters to beat. Get access to a new palette of blocks in reds, blues and blacks to take back for your base in the overworld.

Last Updated: Feb 14, 2023

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