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Minecraft LifeSteal Servers: Beginner's Guide

Pillagers on the Minecraft LifeSteal Server
Pillagers on the Minecraft LifeSteal Server

This gamemode is becoming more popular in 2022. Learn more about the lifesteal smp mod and how to get started today. In this guide, we'll also show you PvP tips, server features, levelling up and how to play. Read now.

Getting Started

When you start out on the lifesteal smp mod, you should try to focus on getting good tools & armor to survive. Collecting items such as golden apples and potions are also useful. When building your base, setup farms for materials such as wheat as well as tree farms.

You can sell these to the server shop and exchange them for other items such as Netherite! When you die, you lose a heart. These items will help you to prevent that from happening!

Public LifeSteal Server Benefits

Minecraft LifeSteal SMP Competition: There are plenty more players to go up against on the multiplayer server. Fight against thousands of other players to top the hearts leaderboard and become victorious. It is a much bigger challenge compared to a normal SMP to keep your hearts and rule lifesteal.

Events and Tournaments: The host of the Minecraft Lifesteal server will often host events and competitions for all to take part in. Whether it is a skin competition or a PvP tournament, there is plenty of extra to be had. Meet new friends and make the most of the game.

New Multiplayer Content: There is always new updates to the game. These often bring new quests, challenges, items and mods for you to unlock. This helps to keep the game fresh and enjoyable for much longer. Plugins are popular on all types of game modes and are proven to increase the overall experience.

lifesteal smp servers base

Levelling Up Tips

Increase your skills and abilities: In all the disciplines to unlock new perks. mcMMO brings perks which you can unlock from mining, woodcutting and more. These are great to level up and become stronger.

Setup farms and machines: The more ways you to have make money, the less chance you have of losing your money on the lifesteal smp. Crops and materials can be sold to the server shop and exchanged for powerful items such as golden apples. These will help you to survive on the server!

Complete quests: The server will often give you quests and challenges to complete. These are great to complete if you are just getting started, because they are designed to give you a starting boost. Work your way through them and learn more about the Minecraft lifesteal servers.

PvP Arena Tips

PvP is an essential part of any Minecraft server and is especially popular on Minecraft hard mode servers. Head into free-for-all battle against all the other players from the multiplayer community. Become victorious and loot their items for your base or team up and control the arena. There are different events and tournaments to take part in, as well as features such as wagers which you can bet on with your foes.

The style of combat follows the version from Minecraft 1.8, which is still the most popular in 2022. Focus on enchanting your tools and weapons with the best perks in order to have the best success. Take potions and use extra items such as bows to gain every advantage in the arena.

houses on minecraft lifesteal smp

Semi Vanilla Server Features

When you play on a lifesteal multiplayer server, there are lots of new features and challenges for you to take on. These make the game much more interesting as you progress and gain more hearts!

Teaming: Join up with friends or other players to take on the multiplayer server together. Form teams and come together to conquer other clans. Take part in PvP events such as king of the hill to battle for control over the map.

Chat & Messaging: Part of the lifesteal smp is the trash talk! Taken another player's heart? Brag about it in public chat! There are rules and community guidelines such as no bullying, but harmless trash talk is all a part of the fun. Alternatively, you can turn off the chat if that is not your cup of tea.

Teleporting: When you are playing online, teleporting takes ender pearls to the next level. Summon other players by requesting that they teleport to you. If they accept, they will appear next to you instantly. There are other features such as requesting to join another player and more. This makes the teaming experience much easier when exploring new worlds and going on new adventures.

Custom Enchantments & Plugins: Gameplay on lifesteal servers becomes much more thrilling with custom enchantments and new plugins. Escape nearby enemies by tunnelling using the trench pickaxe, which creates a 3x3 for you and your friends to escape through. Use AutoSmelt to automatically smelt ores and metals as you mine them. This is great if you are playing more of a nomad style, where you focus less on buildings and more on topping the heart leaderboards.

We hope you enjoyed this guide to the Minecraft servers with the Lifesteal smp. Start playing today and start your adventure! The server IP address for the lifesteal smp mod is play.mclifesteal.com.

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Last Updated: Apr 4, 2022

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