Parkour City: the parkour map showcase

Take to the skyscrapers on this journey through a Minecraft city. Play now on our minecraft parkour server, in partnership with the author Zombie1111. Jump through buildings, leapfrog between helicopters and more.

Jump Pads

Minecraft Parkour City with Jump Pads

A regular feature throughout the map, jump pads are indicated by the green carpets. Follow the arrows to gain momentum and always look ahead to avoid falling.

The Library

Parkour Library in Minecraft

The library features a series of two block jumps which are fun to speedrun and work your way through. Swerve your way through cactus jumps, staircases, shelves and more. Be sure to avoid walking between jumps as you'll be reset to the last checkpoint!

Lamp Jumps on Minecraft Parkour Servers

One of the more challening parts of the library are the light jumps. These jumps are fast-paced and used to get between different levels of the library. Once you reach the top you'll make it out of the building!

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Lift Jumps

Minecraft Parkour City Lift Jumps

As you sprint through the city on the minecraft servers with parkour, lift platforms make a regular appearance. Stick to the jump pads and barrels and look ahead to stop yourself from being reset to the previous checkpoint. Take in the city views as you continue your journey! Look out for the hidden rooms dotted across the map.

Parkour Server Street Jumps

Minecraft Parkour City Street Jumps

Of course, it wouldn't be a city without streets. These jumps are more difficult in comparison to the others, involving up to 4-block jumps and jump pads which head into buildings. Try to look 2 to 3 blocks ahead so that you don't lose momentum. When landing on slime jumps, remember not to jump as it will break your fall.

Slime Jumps

Slime Jumps Minecraft Parkour

Inside the buildings, you'll find a variety of slime jumps to conquer. Slime jumps give you a bounce, which is larger depending on how far your jump is. If the slime shoots you too far, use the crouch key to control where you land! Slime jumps were added in Minecraft version 1.18 and have become very popular in parkour.

Cool Minecraft Parkour Jumps

Parkour city airplane jump

When you come close to completing the map, you'll get to enjoy crazy jumps such as between airplanes and buildings. As the blocks are often slabs, be careful not to fall as they can be harder to jump from in comparison to traditional blocks.

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