Minecraft parkour servers compared to other gamemodes

So, you're looking to play a Minecraft multiplayer game and aren't sure whether you'd enjoy playing on a parkour server? Today, we have compared parkour servers to other gamemodes!

It is fast paced

In comparison to other gamemodes such as Survival, which can be peaceful and laid back, parkour is very fast paced. Race against other players through multiplayer courses, setting times for your friends to beat. If you like to beat the leaderboards, you are sure to have fun on minecraft parkour servers.

It isn't a persistent game

While SkyBlock is one long adventure, parkour contains dozens of different maps and challenges to complete. You can play and complete a map in just a few minutes and come back each day to start a new map. In other gamemodes such as SkyBlock, you start on a little island and expand it each time you play. Parkour is great for players that enjoy more of a minigame experience.

There's no items

The sprint key is all you need for this gamemode! Don't worry about needing to level up to unlock new items, simply start jumping and work your way through the parkour maps. It is simple and fun for all to enjoy. This is the complete opposite of creative servers, where the entire game is about building using items from the creative inventory.

Minecraft Parkour Cave

You can play with friends, easily

Parkour is a very multiplayer game. Head onto the minecraft servers with parkour and start a course of your choice. See other players on the same course as you, party up to complete courses together, or set times that your friends can come and challenge you against later on. While other gamemodes such as survival are also multiplayer, the focus is on your own base and progress. In parkour you can race together.

It is great for casual players

Got a spare 15 minutes at the end of the day? Why not head onto the server and complete a quick and easy course. Whereas in other gamemodes it could take 15 minutes alone to get setup, you can hop onto the game and instantly go through a course. With no downloads or setup required, parkour could be a great option.

Minecraft Lava Parkour

There's no catchup required

In other gamemodes such as prison, more experienced players can be too overpowered which makes it harder for new players. Whereas in parkour, anyone can jump in and give the top players a run for their money! As a skill based game, there's no advantage for the top players over players that are new to the server.

Good for all ages

Parkour is a simple gamemode that is easy to grasp at all ages. There's no complicated systems to remember, just the ability to master all the jumps. It can be fun to play as a family too, as you can team up and play with each other. There's no limit as to how many people may be on a course at one time!

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