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Parkour School: Walkthrough of the most popular map

Minecraft Parkour School Map
Minecraft Parkour School Map

Designed for those that are new to the world of Minecraft parkour servers, Parkour School walks you through all kinds of different jumps. With over 600,000 downloads, it is one of the most popular courses around! Created by Gravityman700.

Designed for those that are new to the world of Minecraft parkour servers, Parkour School walks you through all kinds of different jumps. With over 600,000 downloads, it is one of the most popular courses around! Created by Gravityman700.

Log Staircase

The map starts out with a log staircase - designed to get you used to jumping. Spacebar is all you need to complete this section! Players should avoid sprinting along the diagonal parts of the staircase. When the spiral staircase is reached, you can choose to either walk or sprint your way up to the top.

Parkour School Sprint Platform

Sprint Platform

Once you have completed the first section, it's time to practice sprinting!

Adjust your Sprint Key: Options -> Controls -> Sprint

This is a fast section to practice fast jumps. For the longer jumps, it is best to sprint as late as possible. Crouch when you land to prevent yourself overjumping. For the shorter jumps, you don't need to sprint.

2-Block Jumps

In order to make these type of parkour jumps successfully; sprint and then shift when you land. Use your mouse to direct your character in your chosen direction.

4-Block Jumps

As shown by Gravityman700, to conquer these parkour server jumps it is best to time the jump at the very edge and shift at the end. Looking down helps with timing!

Jump Down Section

When jumping down across a section, the game physics can push you much further than usual. Slow your pace as you land on each block to avoid overjumping.

Minecraft Parkour Fence Jumps

Fence Section

When placed on their own, fences look like small poles. It is easy to fall when jumping from fence to fence; so use crouch to stop your movement. This section of course is best without sprinting, so this is a great way to practice landing on fences.

Narrow Glass Parkour

This part of the course requires you to stay in as straight a line as possible. Sprint forwards and ensure you don't move from left to right!

Ladder Wall

Similar to the wall from the minecraft championship parkour map, the ladder walls require pro crouching skills! Climb up the ladders and crouch as you go between the sections. When it comes to jumping to the next part, be careful not to overjump.

Mountain Climb

The most standout part of parkour school, the mountain climb helps you to learn jumping around corners and ascending up a hill. Practice turning as you jump, whilst looking ahead to make sure you are heading in the right direction.

Home Sweet Home

This part of the course involves jumping between beds and the crafting table, where you can jump onto the windowsill. Smash the glass and look for the fence marked out by a torchlight. Jump around the corner whilst ensuring that you don't hit the corner of the house! Continue around the house while using the windows to make it onto the roof.

Rage Parkour

One of the hardest learning curves of the course, rage parkour involves a long series of twists, turns and bumps.  Jump into the wall to avoid falling and crouch between the ladders and the walls.

Minecraft Parkour Lava Jumps

Lava Parkour

Jump early to avoid getting burnt, as adviced by the author. You can sprint through the first section quickly. The second part involves timing practice. Jump onto the pressure pads to trigger the disappearing bridge, which if you sprint quickly enough, you can make it to the other side in time! The second part involves the disappearing bridge as well as parkour, so act quickly and time your jumps.

Timing jumps have blocks on top; so jump either or late depending on the block.

Climb the vines to get the next section!

Fun Section

These are a series of fast paced which you can sprint through quite easily. However, watch out for the soul sand! These types of jumps on minecraft servers with parkour can slow you down so time your jumps carefully.

Parkour Server Ice Jumps

Ice Section

These jumps are slippery! Be careful not to slip as you land on each jump. Sprint and jump as late as possible to get a great boost. However, as you gain momentum you can move very quickly.

Cactus Parkour Jumps

These jumps can cause you to take damage, slowing your character. Sprint to avoid getting stuck on the cactus and try to jump through this section as quickly as you can.

Congratulations! Once these sections are complete, you're ready to take on the final practice sections.

How can I download Parkour School?

Created by Gravityman700, download the Parkour School Minecraft Map at: Parkour School (

Minecraft Parkour School Map
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