Aug 15, 2021 3 min read

What can you do on Minecraft servers with Parkour?

Minecraft servers with parkour: what can you do?
Minecraft servers with parkour: what can you do?

From going head-to-head in tournaments to completing the battle pass; there's so much to do on Minecraft Parkour Servers. Here's some ideas for the next time you play!

From going head-to-head in tournaments to completing the battle pass; there's so much to do on Minecraft parkour servers. Here's some ideas for the next time you play!

Join A Club

When you're not jumping for victory; why not join one of the multiplayer clubs? Team up and meet new players to become friends with. Compete against other clubs in events; chat with your club members on Discord and help each other level up to unlock a range of new perks.

Try For An Arena Kill Streak

Head into the parkour arena and try for a kill streak! Navigate your way through the skies while hunting for nearby players. Escape your enemies using anything from ladders to slime jumps; or make chase with your sprinting skills. Kill streaks can be used to earn rewards which can be spent across the multiplayer server.

Speed Parkour Map

Play The Adventure Maps

Our Minecraft parkour servers aren't just for sprinting through the worlds. Play the maps and have a go at a wide range of adventures. Start a map with a friend and work your way through lots of mazes, escape rooms and more.

Go Hard To Easy

Fancy a challenge? Why not try with some of the harder maps! The harder maps feature a much tougher array of jumps and traps. Compared to the easier maps which can be completed with a simple jump; the hard maps may have you jumping through cobwebs! Enjoy a more casual experience as you work your way down.

Beat The Server Leaderboards

Every time you complete a map; your time is recorded and compared to the thousands of other parkour server players! These leaderboards are available daily, weekly and monthly. Found a map you've got a knack for? Why not try for the leaderboards.

Upgrade Your Character

From particles to DJ gadgets; theres's plenty of ways to spruce up your Minecraft character the next time you are jumping through the universe. As you complete the maps, you'll unlock new rewards which you can spend on character upgrades. Head to the lobby and show off your new cosmetics to other players! Particle effects, gadgets, hats, banners, tags and more can help you stand out from others.

Minecraft Parkour Events

Take Part In The Events

One of the most fun aspects of are all the multiplayer events! Hosted regularly on Discord and based around seasonal events such as Halloween and Christmas. Win exclusive character upgrades, game credit, and more. Plus, meet lots of other players and see who you're playing against!

Speed Parkour

While you may start out casually trying to work out how to go jump-to-jump; eventually you'll get a knack for the game! The top players enjoy speed parkour which consists of sprinting through the maps in as short time as possible. Check the time trials and see how you compare to your fellow rivals!

Minecraft Servers With Parkour

Reach the Checkpoints

Struggling on the harder maps? There are checkpoints laid out through the courses which you can save and come back to in that session. Be careful as you get close to a checkpoint; the jumps closest to each are the hardest!

Play With No Downloads

There are no downloads required on! Hop onto our multiplayer server in less than 30 seconds from the Minecraft screen. Get started today on hundreds of parkour maps and face your foes in the parkour arena.

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