Apr 19, 2023 2 min read

Minecraft 1.20 SkyBlock Challenges

Minecraft 1.20 SkyBlock Challenges
Minecraft 1.20 SkyBlock Challenges

The Minecraft Trails & Tales update makes new types of adventures possible on the popular SkyBlock map! In this guide, learn about all the different types of challenges you could take on.



  1. Craft 25 Bamboo Stairs
  2. Use Bamboo Blanks to craft 5x bamboo decorations
  3. Create a Sand Castle using suspicious sand
  4. Create a small pond which you can explore by Raft


  1. Lighten up your SkyBlock island with Froglight blocks
  2. Create a Mangrove tree farm
  3. Create a swamp using new Mud blocks
  4. Create a small bunker using Sculk blocks
  5. Create a small house using Deepslate blocks



  1. Craft a Brush
  2. Create Pottery Shards
  3. Use smithing templates to upgrade your armor from Diamond to Netherite


  1. Craft a Recovery Compass using Echo Shards
  2. Craft a Mangrove Boat
  3. Use the new Earth, Wind, Fire and Water paintings on your island
  4. Play the new Music Disc 5 on your SkyBlock


  1. Plant a cherry sapling to grow a Cherry Tree
  2. Create a Pitcher Plant by planting a Pitcher Pod
  3. Create a small tree farm using Mangrove saplings


  1. Create a library using chiseled bookshelves
  2. Liven up your garden with decorated pots
  3. Label your SkyBlock 1.20 island with hanging signs
  4. Plant 10x Pink Petals at your base
  5. Use Torchflowers to light up your island
  6. Decorate with Pitcher Plants
Pitcher Plant
Pitcher Plant



  1. Tame a Sniffer
  2. Create a Camel farm


  • Bring an Ally back to your SkyBlock
  • Create a pond and inhabitate it with Frogs
Cherry Tree in SkyBlock Minecraft
Cherry Tree in SkyBlock Minecraft


Learn more about Minecraft 1.20 SkyBlock and how to get started in this helpful guide. Read about tips & tricks and learn about multiplayer servers and all the additional features they add to the game.

Last Updated: April 19, 2023

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