May 24, 2023 3 min read

What is Minecraft 1.20 SkyBlock and Why is it Popular?

What is Minecraft 1.20 SkyBlock and Why is it Popular?

Minecraft SkyBlock has been around for over a decade. Learn what made it so popular and why it continues to attract new players in 2023!

What is SkyBlock?

Minecraft 1.20 skyblock runs on the latest 1.20 version of Minecraft. You spawn on a tiny sky island with nothing but a tree, some starting items and the resources to make a cobblestone generator.

You can expand your island and work your way to unlocking all the Minecraft items by completing advancements, crafting and adventuring into other worlds such as the Nether!

Tree sapling Minecraft SkyBlock
Tree sapling Minecraft SkyBlock

What sets it apart from other gamemodes?

Unlike other gamemodes, you spawn in the sky! The entire game is based around your island, whereas other gamemodes are usually based around exploring or completing an objective.

Depending on which version you can play, you can complete advancements, quests or challenges to get new items. It is unlike traditional Minecraft, where you can journey around the world looking for specific items.

Building a huge island base from nothing but a tiny island is very popular and continues to draw in new players up till this day.

Cobblestone Generator Skyblock 1.20
Cobblestone Generator Skyblock 1.20


Multiplayer arguably works better on SkyBlock than with most other games in Minecraft. You can team up with another player on your island and expand it together.

Minecraft skyblock servers have expanded on the map heavily and added lots of new features, including:

  • Economy features including shops to trade items such as cobblestone for rarer materials
  • Automation elements including auto tools, where the tool changes depending on which block you are mining
  • Hundreds of quests to unlock different types of items which are not available in the map by design
  • New types of items and unlocks including minions, which can complete tasks on your island for you
  • Some servers have expanded on map with SkyBlock versions with boss monsters, adventure islands and even dungeons
  • New types of armors and tools, some using a resource pack to add new textures to the game
  • Pets which can either be cosmetic or include perks to help you on your adventure
  • MMO-style skills which you can level up to get additional bonuses in areas such as mining, crafting and more
  • Multiplayer auction houses, markets and player shops to trade and interact with other players
  • Greenhouses and other expansions to the game to farm new types of materials
Camel Minecraft SkyBlock 1.20
Camel Minecraft SkyBlock 1.20

Advantages of SkyBlock

SkyBlock is an easy gamemode to get into and great for players who are new to Minecraft. It is easy to learn and simple mechanics such as breaking your cobblestone generator can help you to progress through the game.

There is a clear goal to SkyBlock, mainly being to complete the challenges and create your own sky base. Some would consider other achievements such as making it to the Nether as significant parts of the game, which is much harder to do in the game than in survival worlds.

Unlike other gamemodes such as an MMO, it works really well as a multiplayer game. By working on your island together and splitting up tasks between your team depending on strengths, it can be very fun to team up with your friends!

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