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Minecraft 1.20 SkyBlock Servers

Minecraft SkyBlock Server Lobby
Minecraft SkyBlock Server Lobby

Play the new Minecraft 1.20 Trails & Tales update on a SkyBlock server and enjoy all the new features it has to offer! Learn more in this guide.

Minecraft 1.20 SkyBlock

Minecraft 1.20 SkyBlock adds a host of new features to the ever popular map. Upgrade your island with new blocks, items and mobs and take your sky adventure in new directions.

Multiplayer Servers

Multiplayer servers allow players to take part in a fun-filled world together. Play solo or team up and go on quests, take on bosses, work on your islands or even create an entire world of your own. You can play multiplayer on either Java & Bedrock versions of the game.

SkyBlock 1.20 Server IP List:

mc.hypixel.net, skyblock.net, play.minehut.com.

How To Start Playing?

  1. Open the game
  2. Go to Multiplayer
  3. Add Server Details
  4. Join the Server
SkyBlock Islands
SkyBlock Islands

Getting Started

When starting out, you will spawn on a small sky island. It will usually include a small tree and a chest with starting items:

  • Ice & Lava Bucket: Combine these items to create a cobblestone generator. It can be used to generate cobblestone infinitely and expand your island. On SkyBlock servers, the generators may also produce ores and other useful items!
  • Tree Sapling: In case of your tree not producing a sapling when broken, the starting chest will also include an extra sapling. You can plant this to grow a new tree!
  • Seeds: Use the seeds to start a farm which can be planted to produce food such as bread.
  • Bones: Your chest may also include bones. This can be used to speed up the growth of your crops if you are running out of hunger and need food!
Phoenix in Minecraft SkyBlock
Phoenix in Minecraft SkyBlock


Multiplayer servers introduce a whole host of features to enhance your gameplay and make it extra fun! The most common are:

  • Economy: Most, if not all, skyblock servers use a form of an economy. Buy and sell resources to earn money and unlock new items for your island! There's also elements such as an Auction House, where you can trade with other players.
  • Enchantments: Unlock various new enchants which can be used to level up your tools and armor. This can take your SkyBlock journey in new directions and make the game even more enjoyable.
  • Arenas: Battle against other players in PvP arenas and loot supply drops, capture points and more!
  • Automation: There's lots of new items available depending on which SkyBlock server that you play on. Some of the more common ones include Sell Wands, which allow you to sell items by using your wand on a chest!
  • Minions: Minions are small friends who will help you on your island by completing tasks such as killing monsters!
  • Skills: Many skyblock servers offer a skills system, where you can level up various skills in return for new perks. A common example is the Tree Chopper skill, which will let you chop entire trees (only on servers with mcMMO)!
  • Quests: Complete quests to earn rewards which you can use on your sky journey. This also helps to provide a story to the game and is a great way to learn all the ins & outs of any multiplayer server.
  • Pets: Pets may come in the form of inventory pets or as furry creatures to accompany you on your adventures!
Torchflower Farm in SkyBlock 1.20
Torchflower Farm in SkyBlock 1.20

Connecting With Other Players

While SkyBlock servers are designed to work for teams, they can also be played solo. This allows you to go on a sky adventure with all the features which a server offers, without needing to team up.

It is common for those who choose to play solo to interact with other players through areas such as the Auction House, where you can buy and sell items. If you choose to team up, the game can be played by ~8 or more players on the same server, depending on the server!

End Game

Once you have worked through some of the quests and learned how the server you're on works, you'll quickly pick up pace and might even make it to end-game. Once you reach this level, it is great to interact with the community around you to get even more out of the game and find new ways to enjoy it! Otherwise, you can always reset your island and start again!

Is It Worth Playing?

If you have played the SkyBlock map before, it may be worth trying it out on the 1.20 version! There are lots of new blocks, items and mobs which have been added in recent versions of the game. For those who haven't played SkyBlock before, this could be a great time to try it out!

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Last Updated: May 29 2023

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