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One Chunk Minecraft: How To Play [2022]

One Chunk Minecraft World
One Chunk Minecraft World
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See how to play One Chunk in Minecraft, how to join the server, and learn more about this game mode. Get the map download and play now.

Today's Minecraft players are always looking for something new to play. In one chunk, your entire world is just a 16x16 Minecraft chunk. In this guide, we'll show you how to play this fun new game mode.

What Is One Chunk Minecraft?

Minecraft one chunk is a challenge where you only get one chunk to play on. You can harvest the resources to expand your world and level up your tools and armor. It is available for both singleplayer and multiplayer depending on which you prefer. Many consider the game to be much more gratifying to unlock new items, as they are harder to come by than in a traditional world!

One Chunk Minecraft Gameplay

How Do You Play One Chunk In Minecraft?

  1. Open your Minecraft
  2. Go to "Multiplayer"
  3. Direct Connect > mc.chunkone.com

The Challenge

Unlike other Minecraft gamemodes, there is no world to go adventuring in. You are limited to the chunk that you spawn in the game with. You can expand it, destroy it or keep it as is. The challenge is to play through the Minecraft game like in Survival, but with just this one chunk. When you direct connect to the game, there are new quests and challenges for you to take on. Some of these are as follows:

  • Unlock Diamond armor
  • Create a 100x100 world
  • Mine 15 Iron
  • Get Netherite tools
  • Create a Pumpkin farm
  • Make an Item Generator
  • Craft an Ender Chest
  • Visit the Deep Dark world
  • Mine all the available ores
  • Invite a player to visit

Where Does The Chunk Come From?

A normal Minecraft world is generated by chunks. These are 16x16 grids which go from the sky to the ground. As you explore more of the world, new chunks are generated. The Minecraft one chunk game takes just one of these and turns it into an entire game mode!

1 chunk in minecraft depth

One Chunk Minecraft Server IP

The server address for One Chunk is mc.chunkone.com. Enter it under the multiplayer section of the Minecraft menu. Make sure you that you are playing on the latest version of Minecraft for maximum compatibility.

What Is The Size Of 1 Minecraft Chunk?

It is 16x16 blocks wide and goes from the sky all the way to bedrock at level 0.

Minecraft One Chunk Server

Gameplay Tips & Tricks

  • When you break the trees that you start with, make sure to capture all the saplings available and replant them. This will allow you to grow more trees which is helpful for expanding your base.
  • Don't waste blocks by letting them fall off the platform. Make sure that you stand over blocks by the edge of the world, so that you can keep them. The dirt and grass blocks are much harder to obtain later in the game than others.
  • Create a cobblestone generator to make infinite stone for expanding your island. This is the cheapest way to expand your one chunk base without harvesting the resources that you start with.
  • Complete the quests and challenges on the ChunkOne server. They will give you new items and bonuses which you can use to improve your base.
  • Use bone meal on grass to grow it and then break it for the hope of gaining seeds. The seeds are an essential part of setting up a farm.
  • A farm is the one the easiest ways to ensure that you don't go hungry. A wheat farm can be used to harvest bread which is a good food source.
  • Iron tools can be used to break all the ores available in the game. If you are lacking on other materials such as Diamonds, stick with iron until you have plenty.
  • Light up your island with torches to stop monsters from spawning. If you build using slabs, where you can get the wood from trees, they will not spawn at all.
  • As you progress through the game, redstone can be used to automate farming. This can be useful for purposes such as harvesting all your food semi-automatically. You can focus on other areas such as building your base.
  • Team up with friends and work together on the same one chunk island. This is great if you want to progress through the game at a faster pace and have fun with a friend while you're at it.

Is There A Seed For Minecraft One Chunk?

OneChunk is a map which is added into your Minecraft game. It is not available as a seed, which is more aimed at choosing which biomes you spawn with in a Survival world.

size of one chunk in minecraft


One of the fun parts of playing on Chunk One is that there is the option to collaborate with other players. While the game is solo by default, you can invite other players to work on your base together. There is the multiplayer economy to take part in, even if you are just playing solo. Buy and sell unused items at the auctions or you can ask for help from other players. The game comes alives when there are thousands of people enjoying it together.

Some mods are added to the One Chunk server to make it more enjoyable. You do not have to modify your Minecraft client to enjoy these. From teleporting to other players, to exploring new worlds, there is plenty to do when you are on multiplayer. Hunt for new items or simply have a chat while you are working on your chunk.

Other players cannot harm you or destroy your island when you are playing on Chunk One. Everything that you make is yours to keep and can only be modified if you invite other players. Warnings are present throughout the game to stop you from accidentally granting access!

Can You Play One Chunk With Friends In Minecraft?

Yes, to start you need to open your Minecraft and Direct Connect to mc.chunkone.com in the multiplayer section. Instruct your friend to do the same, and then add them in-game with the /add menu.

Last Updated: June 12, 2022

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