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Parkour Maps IP address: the best server courses to play in 2022

Parkour Imposters Minecraft Course
Parkour Imposters Minecraft Course

Here are some of the new parkour maps available to play for free on the multiplayer servers in Minecraft. See what they're about and start playing today.

Here are some of the new parkour maps available to play for free on the multiplayer servers in Minecraft. See what they're about and start playing today.

Asylum Parkour Servers Course

Asylum Map

One of the starter maps on Good Parkour, this map is rated extra easy. Sprint around the outskirts of an asylum type building. It is a fast map designed to get new players used to parkour jumps. The leaderboards of this map can be competitive; so try and sprint across the entire map without falling!

Can in Minecraft

Can Map

Short but not sweet, this parkour course involves making your way up a drink shaped map. While it may sound simple, it involves more technical jumps such as jumping around corners and between ladders. Take advantage of the shift key to crouch as you land on the ladders. One less frustrating part of this map is that if you fall, you may be able to land on a lower platform and lose out on less time!

Bees Minecraft

Bees Map

The first course in the list which isn't available as a starter map, the bees map is available from the Flea rank. Complete a few of the starter maps to unlock it. There's a good reason it isn't available as a starter map, as right of the bat it involves more complicated jumps which are obstructed by the first bee. You need to be sure to avoid obstructions when jumping your way across this map.

Aquatic Minecraft Map

Aquatic Map

Much longer than other maps you will have encountered so far, the Aquatic minecraft parkour course is also rated at the same level as the Bees map; Flea. Thanks to the length, there are six checkpoints to reach.

What do checkpoints do?

When you walk over a checkpoint, it will save your location so that if you fall you will respawn here.

This map is full of twists and turns, as you sprint past the sharks, the fish and more. Be careful not to take the wrong direction as it could effect your time. Look out for ladders as well as more complicated jumps with landings on blocks such as the glass pane pole. It is best to crouch when landing on these type of blocks.

There are slime jumps included too, so as explained in our guide on minecraft parkour servers, don't break your fall by pressing the jump key when landing. You'll be bounced up onto the next platform to continue your adventure.

Choccy Minecraft Game Modes

Choccy Map

Featured on TikTok, the choppy map is a quick and easy map to get started on the parkour servers. You can see the course from start to finish, including a quick slime jump around halfway. It is choppy and involves fast turns, so a higher field of view setting could be great in this instance.

How do I join the Good Parkour server?

  1. Open your Minecraft: Java Edition game.
  2. Open Multiplayer and proceed to the menu.
  3. Add Server with the name "Good Parkour" and server address "mc.goodparkour.net".

Chomper Map

Inspired by the popular arcade game, this is one of the most challenging courses. It starts with single block jumps with no headroom, and involves a long section of 3-4 block jumps. Work your way up the arcade and take advantage of the three checkpoints to save your progress.

Happy Minecraft Servers

Need a lamp to accompany your gaming session? Located in the uk, check out the range of rock salt lamps available to enhance your gaming desk. Get a warm glow while you parkour your way to the finish line.

Happy Map

A quick and easy map to complete if you only have a short time to play online, records on this map have been set in under a minute. It is a straightforward course from start to finish and one of the most fun maps to get started on. Team up with your friends and see if you can make it on the leaderboards? This can be played by multiple players simultaneously so don't miss out, share the parkour minecraft servers with your mates today!

Imposters Map

With three different extensions of this map available to play, at three different difficulties, these maps are great obstacle courses to tackle if you have time to play on the java ip. There are plenty of different types of jumps to take on, including big jumps between ladders, platforms and more. Inspired by the popular game, hop onto the minecraft server and take on the challenge now.

Tree Parkour Servers

Tree Map

One of the most popular maps in terms of the leaderboard, the tree map requires you to get around a tree in as quick a time as possible.

Minecraft Server List

To add these maps to your parkour servers list, add the following server in your multiplayer Minecraft menu:

  • Server Name: Good Parkour
  • Server Address: mc.goodparkour.net

Hop on and start your adventure today.

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