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Parkour Minecraft Servers: How to get started

Minecraft Parkour Servers Lobby
Minecraft Parkour Servers Lobby

Minecraft server list, parkour courses, game modes, custom built parkour maps and more. See how to get started.

Time to play some minecraft parkour servers! Here's how to get started and get the most out of the popular gamemode. Learn how to join the servers, meet other players, take on maps and more in this how to guide.

Minecraft Server List

When you find a server to play on and add it to your server list, you'll usually spawn in a lobby when you first join. From castles to clouds, there's all kinds of spawns that you will come across in the multiplayer world. You'll see lots of other players joining games, chatting and hanging out.

How do I type in Minecraft multiplayer chat? Press T, the default key, to open the chat dialog. Type your message and send it to join the conversation. Be sure to follow the rules of the respective parkour server!

Every Minecraft server will give you an item in your inventory which you can use to navigate to new games. Use it to select parkour and click to start your adventure.

Minecraft Parkour Servers Platforms

Parkour Courses

All the Minecraft parkour servers will have lots of courses to put your parkour skills to the test. The majority of the servers in Minecraft will organise the different parkour maps by difficulty. These usually range from easy to hard, with the most challenges courses at the latter. For example, ladder parkour usually begins at the medium difficulty! If you are new to the game mode, it may be best to start at the easiest levels.

You'll see other players simultaneously sprinting through the skies alongside you! Make new friends by using the chat dialog to speak to other players and see how they are finding the courses.

Parkour Servers Staircase

Game Modes

Parkour Minecraft servers all feature lots of different gamemodes to play on. For example, brings a new type of game to Minecraft servers: Parkour Arena. It is renowned to be one of the best games on the network and takes parkour to the sky. It is the most fun mode available, requiring you to jump across the course whilst using your pvp skills to take on other players.

It gives you the rush of the famous dragon escape game mode, as you look back and run from all your foes. Find yourself close to being defeated? Look for the nearest ladder parkour and make your way out of trouble.

Parkour Jumping Platforms

Multiplayer Minecraft Servers

With no downloads required, parkour servers need you to take your skills to the next level. There's many more maps available, as Minecraft servers can store hundreds of maps in one place and auto save your progress each time you play. This is different to singleplayer which requires to find and download maps to play, which can take a lot longer than hopping onto a multiplayer java server.

While it could be argued that the vanilla feel is sometimes lost on multiplayer servers, there's plenty of new custom plugins and features to take advantage of. Go up against other players in the leaderboards and unlock new perks such as balloons to use whilst taking on the most challenging courses.

Parkour Map Chain Walk

Amazing Support

In comparison to singleplayer maps where you are on your own, multiplayer servers offer support and help to ensure you have the most fun whilst jumping through the courses. Most Minecraft servers offer support in the form of a discord community, where you can create tickets and other helpful members will provide support for you.

Custom Built Parkour Maps

That's not all, the largest server networks offer custom built maps which are exclusive to that particular server and not available to play anywhere else. This makes it well worthwhile to try out a multiplayer server and see what they have to offer. Most of them also offer websites which host places to redeem rewards and view leaderboards. See how you compare on the custom built parkour maps.

Ladder Parkour in Minecraft

Weekly Global Events

To get the most out of any Minecraft parkour server, join their respective Discord community to see what's on. The latest parkour courses and maps are usually shared when they are added, as well as global events to take part in. These can also be posted on the site, and range anywhere from skin contests to building contests, or even multiplayer tournaments.

The Best Minecraft Servers

The best Minecraft servers usually have a unique theme, custom plugins, as well as constant updates to set them apart from other servers. For example, one of the most popular Minecraft servers boasts a timeless medieval theme. You can unlock new levels, join guilds with other players, and take part in fun multiplayer events. There's a forum on their website to post ideas and meet other players, as well as gameplay guides and advice. Every parkour server is different, and that's the fun of the free-to-play world. Play as many servers as you like until you find the one that is right for you.

Parkour Server IP

If you would like to start playing a fun multiplayer parkour server, join the server address:! It is a premium Minecraft network for users of java edition only.

Parkour Chains and Fences

Does Hypixel have a parkour server?

As of September 2021, Hypixel does not have a parkour server. The biggest game mode on Hypixel is currently SkyBlock, closely followed by BedWars. The server is based on Minecraft version 1.8.

Features on multiplayer Minecraft parkour

Every server offers a whole range of features to make your experience as fun as possible. Here are the most common features on parkour servers:

  • Teleportation: Take on courses with your friends, as most servers allow you to teleport to your friends.
  • Custom Items: In recent years, custom items have become more popular on Minecraft servers. Unlock new items which are not available in the game as standard, such as top hats and special armour.
  • Parkour Maps: Every server usually boasts hundreds of maps, from slime parkour all the way to maze events. Unlock new maps by levelling up.
  • Colorful Chat Tags: Most servers in Minecraft offer a completely unique chat system. Ranks are shown next to your name and can be earned either by ranking up or by supporting that respective server. Servers are free to play and these help to cover the costs.
  • Community Events: Usually hosted on Discord, most servers have community events where you can meet new friends. They are often hosted either in-game or on the website. You can usually find free giveaways here too.
  • Other Games: Some Minecraft parkour servers aren't just about parkour! There can be a range of other gamemodes including Survival, BedWars, PvP and more. The most popular Minecraft server offers over 35 games!
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