Play Minecraft Parkour Servers is your home for multiplayer parkour in Minecraft. Head onto the servers and choose from lots of different maps to start completing. Go head-to-head with your friends, join clubs, unlock a huge range of upgrades for your character and enjoy regular new maps.

🕹️ How To Play Minecraft Servers With Parkour

  1. Open your Minecraft Game
  2. Multiplayer
  3. Add Server

Server Name: Parkoura
Server Address:

  1. Done
  2. Join Server

👾 Parkour Server Modes

  • Parkour Maps: Traditional parkour courses with timers, leaderboards, challenges, quests and more. New maps are added regularly and come in a range of different difficulties.
  • Parkour Arena: Parkour meets PvP. Head to the arena and sprint through the skies whilst battling other players in the multiplayer environment.

🏃‍♀️ What Is Parkour In Minecraft?

Usually based in a sky world, Parkour in Minecraft is a challenging game that involves sprinting through a course of blocks without falling or missing a jump. You start at the beginning of the map and must jump from block to block until you reach the end. There's different kind of jumps; all with varying difficulties.

Minecraft allows you to jump and different by speeds by either crouching, walking or sprinting. The default Minecraft movement controls are as follows:

  • Jump: Space
  • Sneak: Left-Shift
  • Sprint: Left-Control

🌀 Types Of Jumps

When you start out on Parkour there's lots of different jumps to take on.

Minecraft Parkour Traditional Jumps

Traditional jumps involve sprinting from one platform to the next without stopping in order to avoid breaking momentum! Be sure to jump at the last point of the block in order to make it the furthest.

Wall jumps usually include stairs pointing around the edge of a block. It can help to use crouch by pressing shift on your keyboard and leaning over the edge; and then using that to jump up around the wall!

Slime Jumps on Parkour Servers

Slime jumps make for the perfect trampoline! When landing on a slime jump, avoid pressing the space bar or it will break your fall. When you land on the block, it will send you upwards like a trampoline in the direction of your choosing. The further the fall, the higher the boost!

While not used for jumping directly, scaffolding makes for a great way to get in between jumps on Parkour. Simply walk up to the scaffolding and use the spacebar to begin scaling. Reach new parts of the map and continue your Parkour journey.

Diagonal Parkour Jumps

Diagonal jumps on parkour servers can be tricky! Once you have worked out the order of the jumps, try to line up your character so that it is straight with the next jump. Use your ongoing momentum from each jump to keep going all the way through the course.

⚔️ Parkour Arena

A creation, Parkoura Arena takes your battles to the skies. Choose from a variety of classes and take on all the Parkour players. Head into the multiplayer arena filled with jumps, mazes and traps. Sprint your way around the arena and enjoy fast-paced free-for-all action. Build up kill streaks, battle for control over outposts and practice your parkour skills.

🏆 Parkour Leaderboards

Race to the top of the Parkour leaderboards which showcase the top sprinters of the month. Every month, the players at the top of the leaderboard are showcased on our Discord community. Each course you complete goes towards your monthly ranking in the leaderboard. Go head-to-head with the entire Parkoura community to win exclusive cosmetics and get a community shoutout.

👍 Tips & Tricks

  • Easy To Hard: New to the game? Start with the easy maps and work your way through the levels to the hardest. Take as much time as you need when starting out!
  • Perfect Your Take Off: When on a fast-paced course; the part of the block you take off from can be very important. Try to land on the edge of the block when speeding along as it can help you gain momentum along the course.
  • Team Up: Minecraft servers are meant for playing with lots of people! Meet other players in the lobby or introduce yourself on discord to make some new Parkoura buddies. Take part in regular events and become part of the community!
  • Old-Style Combat: The Parkoura arena uses the old-school Minecraft combat that most players know and love. There isn't a cooldown on sword swings and damage is similar to that of Minecraft version 1.8!
  • Turn Particles On: There are lots of cosmetics and upgrades to enhance your character. Be sure that all your Minecraft particle settings are turned on so you don't miss out on the sparkles! ✨
  • Use The Latest Version: Parkoura is currently running on Minecraft 1.17 and will always be updated to the latest version of Minecraft. Enjoy all the new blocks and mobs! (August 2021)
  • Ladder Tips: Crouch when you're leaping to ladders. This prevents you from falling off the block.

🧠 Strategies on Parkour Servers

MLG Water Bucket In Parkour

MLG water bucket

If you’re a Minecraft veteran, you’re no doubt familiar with the MLG water bucket strategy, but for those of you newer to the game, let us explain what it is.

The water bucket strategy is used to negate fall damage when falling from a great height and involves placing water on the ground right before you land. The timing is incredibly difficult to pull off, but if done right, will prevent you from taking any fall damage at all. You can jump from any height and be fine if you can pull this trick off.

This strategy is most useful at the End both during the Ender Dragon fight and when exploring End Cities, as you can easily get knocked into the air dangerously high. It's also useful if you're trying to get away from someone and want to jump off a cliff to lose them.

Block Placing Parkour

Block placing parkour is incredibly useful if you're getting chased by another player, as it helps throw them off and put some distance between the two of you. If you're not sure what this strategy entails, let us explain.

The basic idea is to sprint-jump and place blocks below you right as you’re about the hit the ground after each jump. If you do it right, the player chasing you will struggle to keep up as the blocks block their path and halt their progress.

Additionally, if you’re good enough, you can do the same kind of strategy against a flat wall to ascend and put both some height and distance between you and your pursuer. This method is a lot trickier and involves lining up against the wall so that you can place blocks on the wall right where you’re jumping. A similar technique is called block clutching, which we’ll talk about next.

Block Clutching

Block clutching is a technique whereby you place a block on the side of a wall when falling to stop yourself from falling to your death. It's typically done in PVP game modes like SkyWars and is sure to surprise your opponents if you can pull it off.

Block clutching requires super-fast reflexes because you'll typically only have a split second to react after being hit. With enough practice, you'll be able to pull it off flawlessly.

Ladder Clutching

Normal block clutching doesn't negate fall damage, but usually it doesn't matter because you're not falling super far anyway. However, a similar technique can be performed with ladders, and if you land on the side of the ladder, you won't take any fall damage at all! This means you can fall from any distance and survive with the ladder technique. Just bear in mind that the faster you're falling, the harder it'll be to place the ladder at the right time.

MLG Boat

Much like with water buckets, boats can be used to nullify fall damage when falling from a great height. This can be done in two ways, the second of which is the actual MLG strategy.

The first way involves simply sitting in the boat and riding it off a cliff, building, or whatever else. In Java Edition, you don’t take fall damage when hitting the ground whilst in a boat, making it super useful for dropping long distances safely, especially in the Nether where you can’t place water without it drying up.

The second method is for when you're in a hurry and is much more dangerous. It involves placing a boat right below you as you're close to hitting the ground and then entering it at the last split second. It's the boat equivalent of the MLG water bucket strategy, and if you can pull it off, you're definitely in at least the top 1% of Minecraft players.

Other MLG Parkour Strategies

It’s worth noting that there are a bunch of other blocks that can also be used to negate fall damage if placed at the exact right time. These include:

  • Hay bales and honey blocks, which reduced fall damage taken by 80%
  • Slime blocks, which launch you back into the air on contact without taking any fall damage
  • Beds, which reduce fall damage taken by 50% and cause you to bounce back up like with slime blocks
  • Sweet berry bushes, which negate all fall damage
Boat Lava Jumps on Parkour

Boat Lava Jumps

Since we’ve been talking about boats already, let’s go over another cool boat parkour trick that’s pretty cool. If you’re a fan of Dream, you may have already seen this, but if you haven’t, get ready to have your mind blown.

Boat lava jumps involve, well, using boats to jump over lava. Sounds pretty crazy, right? Well, when you place a boat on lava, you get a tiny amount of time in which you can stand on the boat and jump off of it. This strategy doesn’t work just once, either! You can chain boats together to cross large lava gaps in no time.

💯 Parkour Ranks

Rankup by earning money and spending time playing the game. Ranks unlock perks across the network and are applied to your character permanently.

  • Bronze

1 Hour Play Time
$5,000 Parkoura Coins

  • Silver

2.5 Hours Play Time
$15,000 Parkoura Coins

  • Gold

10 Hours Play Time
$25,000 Parkoura Coins

  • Diamond

30 Hours Play Time
$40,000 Parkoura Coins

  • Emerald

40 Hours Play Time
$60,000 Parkoura Coins

  • Netherite

80 Hours Play Time
$80,000 Parkoura Coins

  • Bedrock

100 Hours Play Time
$100,000 Parkoura Coins

Each rank unlocks a new set of perks in-game. Unlock new maps, classes in the Parkoura Arena and more.

🧨 Minecraft Mods Allowed On The Servers

Minecraft servers with parkour can be a lot of fun when played with mods (which do not give you an advantage 😏).

  • Optifine: Optifine is a Minecraft Mod which enhances your client performance and makes it easy to install shaders. It is regularly updated and can make your Parkour playthroughs a lot smoother.
  • Replay Mod: Relive your favorite server moments with the replay mod. Record and share your experiences on Parkoura. Why not create a YouTube series? 🙂
  • Full Bright Mods: Increase your Minecraft brightness and gamma to enjoy all that the game has to offer with increased light. Don't worry about the dark corners of maps or missing out on any details when brawling in the Parkoura Arena.
  • Sildur's Shaders: Sildur's Shaders turns your Minecraft into a completely new game! Enjoy beautiful new lighting, shadows and a completely transformed experience. All cosmetic shaders are permitted.
  • 5zig: 5zig allows you to add a useful HUD to your Minecraft client. As you're sprinting through the courses, see your FPS, Ping, the current Time & Date and much more. As long as HUD mods do not include players or mobs, choose from any you like on Parkoura.
  • Clients: Modded clients such as Lunar and Badlion are permitted but not recommended. We always recommend using the vanilla Minecraft client on the latest version.

👨‍⚖️ Parkour Server Rules

  • Bullying: Treat all other players with respect. Making it intolerable for other players to enjoy Parkoura is not allowed.

  • Inappropriate Behaviour: Minecraft is a game rated for all ages. Please respect this rule and don't do anything inappropriate in-game. This includes your Minecraft skin, cape and anything on the Parkoura platform.

  • Scams: Attempting to scam other players by misleading them into sending you Parkoura Coins or other forms of payment on Parkoura is not allowed. Trading items using real life money is not permitted. If you wish to gift Gems to another player, use the gifting option on the store.

  • Hacking or Cheating: Using modded Minecraft clients to gain an unfair advantage over other parkour server players is not allowed. The only modded Modded clients allowed are ones which do not effect your gameplay.

  • Discrimination: All players are equal.

🗺 Parkour Maps Showcase

Parkoura offers lots of parkour maps for you to complete each day. Enjoy a fast growing collection of courses to conquer. Take a look at some of our multiplayer maps. Each course has a different theme which ranges in difficulty levels from easy to extremely hard. The server has a timer that counts how long it takes to complete the course; can you reach the top?

Parkour Party

Grab your friends; it's time to party! Take to the pink skies and sprint through the party map. There's a large range of clouds to jump through including ladders, platforms, staircases and more.

Retro Parkour

Retro Parkour adds an 8-bit flair to the server! Work your way up the map without being eaten! We hope you're not scared of heights, as you'll sprint your way through platforms and characters until you reach the top.

Wanderer Parkour

Take on the giant featured in the Wanderer Parkour. Zig zag your way through time and ascend to the peak of the course. It is quite a fast-paced course, so practice your sprinting before trying this map.

Sweets Parkour

Don't play this map while hungry! Can you spot all the sweets as you work your way through this map? Look out for the donuts, ice cream and more! This course is especially fun when played with friends; so why not team up and ascend together?

Aquatic Parkour

Inspired by the Minecraft 1.13 Aquatic update, this map takes you on a long journey full of sea life! This is one of the more difficulty maps on Parkoura, full of all the different jumps mentioned in this article. Why not take a screenshot in front of the blue whale?

Abandoned Parkour

Simple but tough! The map starts out simple with platforms leading from ruined island to another. However, as you work your way past the abandoned building, the jumps get longer and more challenging. From diagonal cliffs jumps to roofs, this is a journey you will not forget!

Last Updated: Aug 15, 2021

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