Apr 5, 2023 3 min read

What's new and exciting in Minecraft 1.20 SkyBlock for players

Camel in Minecraft SkyBlock
Camel in Minecraft SkyBlock

Discover the latest features and updates in Minecraft 1.20 SkyBlock with our comprehensive guide. From new gameplay mechanics to hidden secrets!

Minecraft 1.20 SkyBlock takes the popular sky Survival game to new heights with the Trails & Tales update. Here are some of the top new ways to enjoy the game.

SkyBlock 1.20 Quests

Synonymous with the SkyBlock map, and especially servers, are quests. Whether they are baked into the game with rewards, or you undertake them in singleplayer, there are lots of fun new adventures to be had. Here are some quests to undertake:

  1. Add an Armor Trim to your Netherite Armor
  2. Create a Cherry Tree farm
  3. Decorate your island with hanging signs
  4. Create a river on your island and explore it with a raft
  5. Plant Torchflower seeds on your island
  6. Craft decorated pots using pottery shards
  7. Use a Brush on your island
  8. Decorate your island with Bamboo
  9. Take on Archaeology and create an encient-themed island
  10. Take advantage of playable mob sounds
  11. Take a ride on a Camel
  12. (Multiplayer Only) Unlock a Sniffer and turn it into your pet
  13. (Multiplayer Only) Unlock a Camel and turn it into your pet
  14. (Multiplayer Only) Explore the new Trail Ruins in an arena setting and unlock new loot for your island
  15. (Multiplayer Only)
Netherite Armor in Minecraft 1.20
Netherite Armor in Minecraft 1.20


The Minecraft 1.20 Trails & Tales update introduces lots of improvements to your amor. Armor trims allow you to customise your armor in new ways and stand out with 11 different patterns which can be dyed in 10 different colors.

The new "Smithing Templates" items are used to trim your armor or upgrade it from Diamond to Netherite. This means that the traditional way of unlocking Netherite armor on 1.20 skyblock servers will be different to previous versions. When playing on co-op servers, you can customize your amor to fit you and stand out from other players.

New Blocks

Bamboo Blocks:

Craft items like stairs, slabs and blocks with the new Bamboo blocks. On SkyBlock, these are perfect areas such as a Panda Enclosure! It also includes new Mosaic blocks which are great for your island houses.

Cherry Blocks:

As with most biomes, they are available in SkyBlock through quests or the item shop when you're playing on multiplayer servers. They have a beautiful pink color and are perfect for those who want to try a new style on their island.

Decorative Blocks:

The 1.20 update introduces a range of new decor blocks too! These include hanging signs, which are great for labelling areas such as your cobblestone generator, your farm and more.

Decorated pots allow you to add more details to your homely areas. The pitcher plant is a new plant which is great for your SkyBlock gardens or to spruce up other areas such as your mob farms. Torchflower is a new type of flower which looks unlike any other!

Smithing crafting in Minecraft 1.20
Smithing crafting in Minecraft 1.20

New Mobs


The Snifer mob won the Minecraft Live 2022 vote and is considered to be the first prehistoric in the game. It looks unlike any other type of mob and could be a great companion on your island adventure.


Camels are a new ridable mob which are perfect for exploring your larger islands or for creating a desert or ancient vibe.

Diamond Smithing in Minecraft 1.20
Diamond Smithing in Minecraft 1.20

How To Play

This guide mentions some parts of SkyBlock 1.20 which are only going to be available on multiplayer servers. Learn more about Minecraft SkyBlock and how to get started on those game modes. Alternatively, you can download a SkyBlock 1.20 map and start playing!

Updated: 5 April 2023

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